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2014.April - Looking for Armour artists!

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 16, 2011, 4:12 AM
Current Status
Sneak peek at the full commission history. - only listing recent paid commissions from October 2010 and on.

Last Update: 14 March 2017

< Recently Concluded Commissions >

649 - NegaNeon [14] -

< Ongoing PrePaid Commissions (Since start of 2015) >
653 :bulletgreen: SweetPasuteru - 3 / 4 Digital Lineart
652 :bulletgreen: SesakaTH - 5 / 5 Concepts
636 :bulletgreen: ChicoStyx - Traditional Comic (Sketch complete, converting to lineart)
632 :bulletgreen: Steampunk-Jellyfish - 2 / 3 Digital Coloured (Ongoing)
630 :bulletgreen: bramhistory [4] - 2 Digital Coloured (Ongoing)
627 :bulletgreen: SoulCentinel [3][IB] - 1 Digital Coloured(Ongoing)
599 :bulletpurple: Astro-Wingz - 3 / 5 Traditional Coloured (Ongoing)
588 :bulletpurple: MsDinoGoat [12] - 1 Digital Flat + 1 Digital Sketch (Inactive)
570 :bulletpurple: Redfoxsoul - 1 Digital Shaded (Inactive - waiting next contact)
568 :bulletgreen: NegaNeon [13] - 1 / 2 Digital Flat (Ongoing)
541 :bulletpurple: NegaNeon [12] - Mixed concepts (Inactive - Project on hold)
540 :bulletpurple: bramhistory - 1 / 2 Digital Coloured (Inactive - missing colour scheme for some characters)
530 :bulletpurple: NegaNeon [10] - Mixed concepts (Inactive - waiting next contact)

List of old artists that needs to be tracked down ASAP :|

This shows artists that I have already paid for; but have incompleted their side of the task and have gone-under. Need to find their current active account (if any) or further contact details.

not a complete list (don't be feeling relieved if you're not on it but still owe me stuff =p):

ArtByRiana [Feb '09] - Last Contact: Feb 2013
KiraFan [Sep '07] - Last Contact: June 2013
kageru-hinoryu/SgtAngel777 [x7][May '09] - Last contact: March 2013
TomatoBisque [Feb '09] - last contact: May 2009
ShadowKirby22107 [May 07] - deactivated
Tomoko-Tottori [Jul '10] - deactivated
youfuckingl0ser [May '09] - March 2014
KuaKness [Sep '08] - March 2013
monthofjohn [x2][Mar '08] - last contact : August 2012
LiteRadiation [May '08] - deactivated
tienchou [2007]
Chochi-blue [2008]
SaiTeyaa [2008]


Hello everyone :wave:

Lately I have been getting interested in Science-fiction styled armours - that is, futuristic, cyborg, robots, etc.. So special priority will be given to artists who specialise in that area.

A special plus too to artists who have play(ed) The Guardian Legend (an oldschool NES game).

< Conceptual Designers >

> I can take the final artwork in any styled (Sonic, anthro, human, cyborg etc) - since for armours I am merely looking for the design itself, so the resultant work need not be of particular style.

> you will given a number of inspirational sources and images from which you will then come up with an original design based on the theme
> Armours will involve various themes: from Classic/Fantasy to Sci-fi/Cyborg
> The designs themselves will be quite elaborate (E.g. Megaman/Halo) but need not be too detailed (E.g. Gundam/Transformers)
> You maybe requested to come up with colour schemes, depending on the commission

Examples of successful commissions: Rhynier $15 commission by DKDevil :thumb348477513:

< Payment Policies >
I generally work by pay second rule - that is, I will NOT pay for the commission UNTIL the full commission has been completed. I will pay in installments if required (as in, if I ordered 3 drawings, I could pay 1/3 of the price if the first drawing has been completed) Requests for upfront payments or deposits will not be granted. I have had too many problems involving artists simply not doing the work after paying them in advance and I now have to get tough on my payment policies

Thanks in advance!

11.Jun.18 Help wanted (Commissions)

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 18, 2011, 6:26 AM

Hello everyone :wave:

This journal is intended solely for active commission buyers. But anyone is welcome to input opinions.

You see, lately I have been wondering into a rather personal dilemma.

Many of you might have noticed that over the last couple years I have been actively buying commissions (Subscriptions/Premium Accounts, Paypal, dA points and the like) to a large number of artists. While many of the artist have done a very good job in doing their duties and I have enjoyed every single artwork I have received in return (there is one artist who I am interested in commissioning for the 7th time).

The problem is, while most artists have properly performed the duties that they have been paid to do, unfortunately there are others (and even more problematic, they account to more than 40% of total artists i have commissioned) who have, by now, given me the impression that they no longer want to perform their duties anymore (reasons are plenty*, and I specifically exclude ones who have known personal problems and/or have been in constant communication).

It's kind of painful to reflect on it, but I felt that, after many years (some commissions were paid as far back as 2007), I felt something needs to be done, but I really don't want to get into controvertial scenarios with the artist.

So, anyone know what to do in this situation? Would you try contact them again? Would you try have  them to try finish what they have been paid to do? or would you try push your luck and go for refund of the amount paid? Or just forget it completely and just write it off as a "bad debt" commission? I did a calculation couple nights ago, I've spent more than €2000 on commissions since 2007, and it's sad to realise that only €915 [updated 19 June] worth of paid artworks have been returned.

Thanks in advance!

* - examples include, but not limited to:
> Outright ignoring messages, etc
> Delaying delivery of work months after months
> work on part of the total agreed amount, and ignore the remainder (e.g. do 4 out of paid 10 drawings)
> left/changed account without notifying the buyer(s)
> changed style that no longer compatiable with what I am interested in

11.Apr.05 7 Years on dA

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 5, 2011, 12:10 AM

Dayum, I have now been officially 7 full years on deviantART :O_o:, i still remember the days when I hit the "sign up" button on 5th April 2004....

how time flies :dummy:


2014.Apr.24 Past Avatars

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 9, 2011, 8:10 AM

#1> first DA avatar 08 Apr 04 ~ 25 Apr 04
#2> second DA avatar 25 Apr 04 ~ 08 May 04 (by danlev)
#3> third DA avarar 08 May 04 ~ 12 May 04 (by DragonForce03)
#4> 4th avatar 12 May 04 ~ 17 Jun 04 (by danlev)
#5> 5th avatar 17 Jun 04 ~ 16 Nov 04, 17 Nov 04 ~ 22 Feb 05, 14 Jul 05 ~ 24 Nov 05, 28 Dec 05 ~ 30 Dec 05 (by di0xygen)
#6> 6th avatar 16 Nov 04 ~ 17 Nov 04 (by Darkbluetails, requested to be taken off)
#7> 7th avatar 22 Feb 05 ~ 14 Jul 05 (by Lady-Blue)
#8> 8th avatar 24 Nov 05 ~ 28 Dec 05, 02 Dec 06 ~ 29 Dec 06 (by MattGreen)
#9> 9th avatar 30 Dec 05 ~ 01 Feb 06 (by MattGreen)
#10> 10th Avatar 01 Feb 06 ~ 23 Feb 06, 14 Mar 06 ~ 27 Mar 06
#11> 11th Avatar 23 Feb 06 ~ 11 Mar 06, 29 Dec 06 ~ 13 Jan 07 (Took off Age2003 with permission, purged by dA for it had "Plz" in it, during March 2006's Second PLZ Account Purge)
#12> 27 Mar 06 ~ 04 Apr 06 (Used for 2006's April Fool Joke)
#13> 04 Apr 06 ~ 02 Dec 06, 13 Jan 07 ~ 24 May 07, 25 Nov 11 ~ 24 Apr 14 (Made by kwanzaa-robot used with permission)
#14> 24 May 07 ~ 08 Jan 08 (by GeorgiaLe-FlayART)
#15> 08 Jan 08 ~ 02 Feb 08
#16> 02 Feb 08 ~ 16 May 10 (By kittytheAngel, shared avatar)
#17> 16 May 10 ~ 16 Oct 11 (by kittytheAngel, shared avatar)
#18> 16 Oct 11 ~ 25 Nov 11
#19> 24 Apr 2014 ~ (By ShoutboxZombie)

11.Jan.01 2010 Contest winners

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 1, 2011, 6:37 AM

Thanks to those who took part in my 2010 Contest! - The winners are announced here:…

Please let the co-hosts know about what you'd like for your prizes :D

Here were the entries:
Contest Entry: Jasmium by Nika-The-Kitsune Team Grey Alley by kagurasancosplayer:thumb189390812:


PS: for the 2009 Contest Doujinshi Winners (FireWithinMidnight and Mizukiblade), please let me (or tikal) know your postal address so tikal can have your manga prize sent to you!

10.Oct.24 The Super 2010 Contest is extended!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 4, 2010, 2:32 PM

The 4th annual Rubycored's super-joint-contest is co-hosted with :  FireWithinMidnight and MintyStitch

:new: For this year, there will be choice of TWO teams for every contestants to pick! (References given below)

Team Jasminum - Ivy Arcata, No Name and Sapphire Zeneos
Team Grey Alley - Jayden "Scar" Nacaren, Nikolause "Klause" Eichmann and LYX-12 (known as "Shade")

Those who have joined my previous contests will surely know what is expected. But to remind: All Contest Entries must show the characters interacting in some sort of theme or action (with appropriate backgrounds/environment, if applicable). The contest is about you coming up with the best background story for your choice of scene/action included in your entry!

You now have a choice to draw any of the two teams! However, there will be Multiple-Entry prizes for artists who choose to draw both teams!

* All Prizes are maximum 1 character per drawing without drawn background unless stated

:winner: 1st Place
• 1 complex shading picture with up to two characters from MintyStitch
• 1 SA-styled picture from MintyStitch
• 1 cell shaded OR soft shaded picture from FireWithinMidnight
• 1 "pen and color" picture from FireWithinMidnight
:points: x 700 points!

:w00t: 2nd Place
• 2 Lineless pictures from MintyStitch
• 1 SA-styled picture from FireWithinMidnight
• 1 flat-colored picture from FireWithinMidnight

:dance: 3rd Place
• 2 sketches from MintyStitch
• 1 line art from FireWithinMidnight
• 1 sketch from FireWithinMidnight

:dance: To encourage people to come up and submit more ideas; we will use a "multi-entry bonuses" system for people who submit more than one entry! For every extra entry, or for entries that include both teams, either MintyStitch or FireWithinMidnight will give them a full body 1-character sketch.

10 December 2010

There may or may not be an extension, so please try to get your  entry done as soon as you can!

Entries are judged by Rubycored, FireWithinMidnight and MintyStitch

It will be based solely about your creativity in picking a suitable scene for the characters; the originality of the theme; how it blends with the members etc
Although having the entry properly done and presented to us will also help us judging the entries.

1a) Violence and blood are permitted (applies only to Team Grey Alley entries). But try keep it within "General-Rating" and all entries MUST abide by dA's submission policy. No Hentai and sexual content permitted.
1b) Violence and Blood cannot be used on Team Jasminum entries.

2) ALL Characters of a Team of your choice MUST be included in your entrie(s). You may include any number of the second team members if you wish. You may also include your own fancharacter too. The full team you pick should remain the focus of your entry.

3) All works MUST be of own work (e.g. no stealing, tracings etc). Collaborations are now permitted; but only one artist will be eligible for the entry and the prize. If there is more than one prize for a place (e.g. 2nd place has four pictures), you may split the prize in half (Both artists get two pictures each). Use of bases is strictly forbidden and will land an immediate disqualification!

4) All characters must show their full bodies!! Cut-offs should be avoided where possible.

5) No simple group pictures! - the characters MUST be involved in some sort of activity or theme.

6) We do not accept Sketches/Linearts. All entries should be fully coloured and properly presented.

7) All mediums are welcome  - Comic, Fanfiction, Artisian crafts, Flash etc

8) The characters should be done in their original style - Sonic (avoid "Chibi", "Anime", "Humal" or completely "Human" form of the characters themselves)

9) Use of Official Sonic characters are not permitted. Including fanaracters that closely resemble official characters (i.e. Recolours)

10) With exception of special events (Birthday, Summer Break etc.) alternative outfits is discouraged
:pointr: Avoid "provocative" clothings (should you wish to assign alternative outfits to the characters) except in justifiable environments (e.g. wearing swimsuit's at the beach)
:pointr: No Name cannot wear any alternative outfits, and her design must not be changed
:pointr: If you're going to change the outfits of the characters, you may only change Team Jasminum's outfits. Please, nothing extremely revealing/'slutty'. Bathing suits and/or bikinis are allowed, but try to keep it clean.
:pointr: Cosplaying in any form or another is not allowed

11) Entries submitted outside deviantART will NOT be accepted (e.g. Furaffinity, Sheezyart); anyone found with entries submitted outside dA will be instantly disqualified. Sites like Photobucket, Imageshack, Tinypic, etc are O.K. for the purpose of showing WIPs.

12) Please note either FireWithinMidnight/Rubycored/MintyStitch with your entry (we'll not be responsible for "lost entries" due to us not receiving the contest entry in the first place!). You may comment on our pages, but we might not see them, so noting us is the best thing to do.

13) If you delete your entry (including deactivating your account) you will be disqualified, unless you resubmit your entry(ies) before the deadline.

14) Unclaimed Prizes expires 2 weeks after announcement of winners. Prize winners must contact the applicable judge on their request for the prize(s) via the original account they have submitted the account: if the artist change/deactivate account after deadline, prizes will be regarded as abandoned.

16) Have fun and get creative! :D

(Left: No Name the bee, Middle: Sapphire Zeneos the hedgehog, Right: Ivy Arcata the Butterfly-Hedgehog Hybrid)

(Left: Jayden "Scar" Nacaren the Hedgehog, Middle: Nikolause "Klause" Eichmann the Echidna-Bat, Right: "Shade" the Artificial Lynx)

* If you have any question regarding any of the 6 characters, feel free to ask the owner any questions you got :D

:pointr:  The three characters within a team do NOT have to be "friends" of each other! (Internal arguments and fightings is permitted, see below)

:pointr: Not all characters are evil! (Scar and Klause can be good too!)

:pointr: Hints and example scenes you can use:
> Collaborating together and wrecking havoc (Team Grey Alley only)
> Arguing among each other over trivial things
> Outright destruction / Saving the World
> Fighting against each other (good vs evil?)

Buttons by  MintyStitch
Art used:  MintyStitch,  FireWithinMidnight,  puritylf4,  kageru-hinoryu,  Nightberry-Candy,  InvaderShade1094,  Dj-Reverberance,  Pendulonium, and  skyph

2010.Aug.21 My Personal Characters (Part 1)

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 21, 2010, 11:07 AM
CSS Code by DarkLunac

This journal (So called "Character Sticker Album") shows the present "collection/crew" of my own characters! :la:

:new: Due to deviantART's 60kb limit, part 2 can be found here:…

:shakefist: WARNING!
:pointr: References listed here are used for character sample viewing only! They shall not be used as references (unless mentioned)!
:pointr: Characters without colour scheme can safely be assued to be lacking a permanent design

Who would be your favourite character? :D

< Updates >
Various new "stickers"

Total count: 71 / 75 (94.67% complete)

Last update: 2 March 2013

< Sonic & Anthro ( 69 / 74 ) >

Lucie Arcata (8)
Little Lucie -In Tights by LaS-Sketch-Account
Lucie Arcata
(Alt. outfit #1)
Sleeping Lucie -New Reference by LaS-Sketch-Account
Lucie Arcata
(Alt. outfit #2)

Neo Lucie A. Valerian (15)
(Bird-Winged Hedgehog)
Neo Lucie -In Tights- by LaS-Sketch-Account
Neo Lucie A. Valerian
(In Tights, winter outfit)
Classic Neo Lucie by LaS-Sketch-Account
Classic Neo Lucie
(Casual/angelic dress)
Nightmare Neo Lucie
("Corrupted" version)
Dark Knight Lucie II by LaS-Sketch-Account
Dark Knight Neo Lucie
(Main battle armour)
Commission rubycored 1 by DiscoSaeba
Valkyrie Neo Lucie
(Royal Armour)
Aqua Neo Lucie by LaS-Sketch-Account
Aqua Neo Lucie
(full scuba suit, with tank)
Plant Hybrid Lucie
(Biological/Living Armour)
Commission no.1 - Rubycored by RonelltheHedgehog
Razer Neo Lucie
(Futuristic Bird-style Armour)
Kayla the Demon +comm+ by BlackDragon-kin
Kayla Nacaren (19)
(Dragon-Winged Hedgehog)
Kayla in Tights by LaS-Sketch-Account
(In tights, bondage)

Neo Kayla
(Dragon Apprentice Armour)
COMM::Scar. by Rayne-Is-Butts
Jayden "Scar" Nacaren (22)
:CS: Armourless Scar by LaS-Sketch-Account
Ivy Arcata - comission - by Wild-Baguette
Ivy Arcata (17)
Ivy -In Tights- by LaS-Sketch-Account
(in tights)

Neo Ivy
(full magician armour)
Commission: Ivy by Feniiku
Neo Ivy
(light armour)
Zach: Still working at it by Jet-Plasma
Zachary Raylion (26)

Cybernetic Zachary
(Futuristic Armour)
:Concept Comm: Cyborg Zachary by CY-Souls
Cyborg Zachary
(Fully robotised version)
.::black Cherry::. by Wild-Baguette
Sherry Rosburon (21)
(Lightning Hedgehog)
Sherry by Aivilo0
(In Tights)
PC - Alice by TeaLadyC8LIN
Alice Valerian (23)
Commission: Picnic by Armored-Heart
Alice Valerian
(2nd Outfit)
Alice Valerian 3rd Outfit by LaS-Sketch-Account
Alice Valerian
(3rd outfit)
Marcos MacEntee by LaS-Sketch-Account
Marcos MacEntee (--)
(Preying Mantis)
Neo Marcos
Aen Aegis (P19)
(Cybernetic Ant)
** No Deviation Available **

Tyi Aegis (P16)
(Marinal Cybernetic Ant)

Eagon Taliesin (17)
(Porcupine, Eagle Warrior)
Eagon -Civilian Outfit by LaS-Sketch-Account
(Civilian/Hunter Outfit)

Spyre Flareman (24)
(Hedgehog, Paladin)
Commission: Lancey by Feniiku
Lancey Flareman (15)
(Hedgehog, Lancer)
Mage Lancey by LaS-Sketch-Account
(Mage form)
PC - Meridina by TeaLadyC8LIN
Meridina O'Shea (16)
(Marinal Fox-Seal Hybrid)
Commission: Nephiren by Feniiku
Nephiren Korin (24)
(Shark, Amazoness)
Nephiren -no armor- by BlazeTBW
Nephiren Korin
Neptune Qaan(17)
(Leopard shark)


Rhecki Hawkins (9)
(Wingless Eagle)
COMM::niume:: by Rayne-Is-Butts
Niume Gorman (14)
(Hedgehog, Magician)
Niume Gorman by LaS-Sketch-Account
Niume Gorman
(in tights)

Zyrean Vray (14)
(Feline, Artist)
Bunny Zyrean by LaS-Sketch-Account
Zyrean Vray
(Bunny outfit)
req: Phleone Vray the Feline by Carn-the-Wolf
Phleone Vray (17)
(Feline, Assassin)
Motorcycle Suit Phleone by LaS-Sketch-Account
Phleone Vray
(Motorcycle Suit)

Seriman Dailer (24)
(Porcupine, Pilot)

Lephinia Dailer (P16)
(Cybernetic Moth)
gr: 'Joey' Fredmund Zeillounii by Carn-the-Wolf
"Joey" Fredmund Zeillounii(16)
comm: Valendrice by Carn-the-Wolf
Valendrice MacIntyre (16)
(Weasel, Princess)
Commission: Berussa by Nightmare-Bug
Berussa Sephyre (13)
(Lynx, Skater)

Berussa Sephyre
(Sci-Fi Armour)
PC - Oxyka by TeaLadyC8LIN
Oxyka Shellon (16)
Oxyka Shellon

Yashimic Harcuny
(SemiCybernetic Hercules Beetle)
PC - Polodius and the Plane by TeaLadyC8LIN
Polodius Kasey (16)
(Racoon, Aviator)

(Full Pilot Suit)
Wenyk Coccini by LaS-Sketch-Account
Wenyk Coccini (14)
Harinage Venimich (8)
(* Unnamed *) (8)

(* Unnamed *)
(Tarantula, Mercenary)

(Conitta ________)
(Margay Princess)

(* Unnamed *)

Sigurbelle "Belle" Orjansdottir
Horaculous ______
(Lemur, Pilot)
** No Deviation Available **

(* Unnamed *)
-Bee Character- by LaS-Sketch-Account
Nergui ______

Gaissa ________
Commission - Rubycored 4 by GiniXD
"Rubycored" Chao
Callistus (Adopted)
Krauyia Pircir by BlazeTBW
Krauyia Pircir


10.Aug.02 US$48 Commission cash up for grabs!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 2, 2010, 12:52 PM

As the title says, I currently have US$48 worth of cash that I can give out as snailmail commissions

To ask me to commission you - keep in mind:

> They are actual US cash, not paypal credits - therefore they will be paid using regular international mail. Do not contact me if you do not like giving out your real home address (PO Box address are not accepted)

> Due to previous fiascoes, I will only pay upon completion of commission; attempts to have me pay the money first will be ignored.

> This is intended only to United States based artists and other nations where US$ is legal tender - although technically it's open to all, but it is YOUR responsibility to have the cash exchanged into your own currency.

> Presently only open to Sonic styled and conceptual artists

> Commissions should be completed before 15 August 2010 and I WILL check on progress frequently

> Max limit US$15 per fully coloured, shaded and backgrounded drawings ($10 for flat, $5 for lineart and $2 for sketch)

Anyone interested?? :dance:

:new: Wild-Baguette - US$20


PS - Other commissions (Euro Cash, dA points, Premium accounts except paypal) will continue to be offered.

2010.Aug.21 Personal Characters (Part 2)

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 2, 2010, 1:00 AM
CSS Code by DarkLunac

This journal (So called "Character Sticker Album") shows the present "collection/crew" of my own characters! :la:

:new: Due to deviantART's 60kb limit, part 1 can be found here:…

:shakefist: WARNING!
:pointr: References listed here are used for character sample viewing only! They shall not be used as references (unless mentioned)!
:pointr: Collection below shows only artworks that have been uploaded onto deviantART, there maybe other characters that may have a base design, but because of their incompleteness (or other reasons) that prevented the artwork being uploaded on dA, they will be thus omitted here

Who would be your favourite character? :D

< Updates >
Some new Stickers

Total count: 18 / 23 (78.26% complete)

Last update: 23 August 2010

< Dragons (Classic style) ( 3 / 5 ) >
+Comission+ Biodragon by zetina
Bio Dragon
(3rd version)
+Comission+ Skyth by zetina
Skyth (7)
(Marinal Dragon)

Eanois (1)
(Baby Dragon)
** No Deviation Available **

(* Unnamed *)
(Metal Axe dragon)
** No Deviation Available **

(* Unnamed *)
(Hellfire Dragon)


< Semi-Anthro ( 11 / 11 ) >
Rubycored Commish 1 by Ryunohito
Syrac (23)
(Dragon Warrior)
Rubycored Commish 2 by Ryunohito
(Futuristic Armour)

(Crow, Dark Hunter)


(Gecko, Dragon Prince)


(Wingless Dragon)


(Full Armour)


Uysis Glaucyos (17)
(Orca, Sea-Warrior)


< Cybernetics and Robots ( 4 / 7 ) >

R45 - Hawkflare
(Cybernetic Hawk)
R46 - Dasher
(Racing Robot)
:Concept Comm: DASHER Mark II by CY-Souls
R46a - Dasher II
** No Deviation Available **

R44 - Cannonbug
(Racing Stag-Beetle)
Comm. Dasher vs Mantis by DKDevil
R54 - Leaper
(Racing Mantis)
** No Deviation Available **

R43 - Orbeye
Armoured Security Robot
** No Deviation Available **

C05Ruby: Rhynier
(Jet Bomber)


02.Mar.10 Inactivity

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 2, 2010, 12:55 PM

UPDATE: Yes, we are very aware of the delay in judging the entries, but be patient, once we get in contact with tikal and alisa006, I hope we will be making swift progress in finalising the winners! :D

Until then, please hold onto your entries whenever you can: removed entries will be disqualified!

Keep tuned for the upcoming contest in 2010 with FireWithinMidnight and MintyStitch


Yes, I know I have been inactive for last month or so, after all, for those who have been in contact with me will obviously know why.

Right now I am just hoping for the best, if all else fails, it might be possible that I may never return :dummy:

Until then though; I'll be keeping in touch (or try to) with all those who have ongoing commissions (I have a feeling some people are just going to jip me off by now :hmm:)


New Contest Entries

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 15, 2009, 5:22 AM

Do Not forget about my Team Devilkins Contest!

:star: TWO Personal Mangas to be won! Ended 30 November

Judgement day will be (estimated) January 2010

<Current Entries - newest submissions listed first>

By: :iconsonicxfan:

By: :iconwild-baguette:
Moonlight sonata -con- by Wild-Baguette + ce team devilkins vs Coko by Wild-Baguette + CE- memoryloss- pg1 by Wild-Baguette CE- memoryloss- pg2 by Wild-Baguette CE- memoryloss- pg3 by Wild-Baguette

By :icontigerdg:
:thumb141557571: + :thumb142899282:

By: :iconparadoxpandah:
The Devilkins .:CE1:. by ParadoxPandah + :thumb142332051: +

Mature Content

CE TDS +WIP+ sonica+blood done by ParadoxPandah

By: :iconfirewithinmidnight:
:CE: Paralyzed by FireWithinMidnight + :CE: They Say... Pt1 by FireWithinMidnight + :CE: They Say... Pt2 by FireWithinMidnight :CE: Puppets by LaS-Sketch-Account + :CE: Don't Break the Wall by LaS-Sketch-Account

By: :iconkittykaythunder:

By :iconmizukiblade:
Devilkins n Swordmaster Kyoko by Mizukiblade devilkins comic page1 preview by Mizukiblade devilkins page 2 preview comic by Mizukiblade devilkins page 3 preview comic by Mizukiblade

By: :iconten-heart:
The Devilkins :CE: by ten-heart

By :iconneganeon:

By :iconleniproduction:
Come join the dark side... by LeniProduction + The Devilkins: kill and eat by LeniProduction + the devilkins: plushies X3 by LeniProduction

By :iconkris-the-nintengirl:
Costumes and Candy by Kris-the-Nintengirl

By :iconfeelioncat:
CE: Above the city by feelioncat


Due to personal (but mainly Political) problems, I will most likely be deported back home and be dragged into the Army. In which case I will be stripped of all internet access in the meantime.
Therefore, before that happens I will try and pay off ALL commissions before then.

To artists who I owe money to: Please note me ASAP regarding payment so it can get sorted out.

I have no idea when I'll be online and fully active again. Worst case scenario: It may go well into 2010 but all commissions payments will be completely  impossible in any case.

I hope out of all outcomes, I am still able to commission artists in the future. But now, its my priority to get payments sorted out.

Apologies for super-short notice, but I myself only knew about the situation recently; If i knew earlier I would've wanted to get it out of the way myself too.


:star: Final date for ALL Commission Payments: 03 November 2009
[ After that, I CAN NOT GUARANTEE that your commission will be paid. Unpaid commissions may be voided and unknown debts will be unrecognized, I will NOT claim responsibility for any failure of payments caused by Artists' lack of communication ]

(use "Ctrl + F" and type in your dA username to see if you're there)

last update: 01 November 2009 (5th update)


Those I already paid for recently (and payments should be on their way if not arrived already)

Note: Square bracket means the number of times I have commissioned from the said artist, regular brackets means the receipt number

Crystal-Dream [6](#342) , CY-Souls(#347) , DarkLunac (#349) , :devEeveedelveve: (#343) , Feniiku [2] (#337) , katty94 (#340) , FireWithinMidnight [2](#346) , Nekomancerz (#338) , Nightberry-Candy [2](#341) , nikkaweasel (#344) , youfuckingl0ser (#350) , Sayuri-Amaya (#345) , Hazelmauz (#339) , skyph (#348)

Those I am yet to pay, finished commissions (but for some reason artist never asked about payment) [5]

Lord-Kiyo , nidhi-rathish (still incomplete, but no contact) , Shabutaro [2] , thelearningcurv (still incomplete, waiting updates) , TrueAmericanIdiot247

Those I am yet to pay, confirmed commissions [34]

Amilee , Ancient-Lady-Nephthy , AoiHime [2] , Aya-Hiratasuka , BlazeTBW , ryuseidancer [3], Carn-the-Wolf [2] , Charlie-Breen , DarkLunac , Dashykins , DemonsPrincess , DKDevil , DroseAttack , LackeDragon , Lil-Miss-Spicy [2] , Midnight-Water , MsPheonix , NegaNeon [5] , NinjaHaku21 , northen-light [2] , Ocmas , Roselinath ,  Dj-Reverberance [2] , RonelltheHedgehog , Roxanne-fire-starter , Sazz-ma , SunChails , VickiDagger , WatchMyFeet, Weeee-Sonikku-XP , WittNV , Guniek-kun , xWraithx

(Even if these commission are "confirmed" with payment ready for sending, failure to contact for payment could still result in non-payment after deadline)

Those whose current status is in jeopardy/confusion and artists should contact me (or was never confirmed in the first place) [60]

AilwynRaydom , Ran-TH , amyroseforrealz , AngelicKasai/:devtalia-the-mongoose: , AuraUserof5Elements , Brightcynder , Cartoonary-Legend/anime-xtreme101 , chibipunk7231 , Chobaryu ,  CursedMoonlight , ten-heart , Danzidoodle , Dark-Yang , DitzyDM , Ebbiegirl95 [2] , eva-hedgie , ginko-akera , HumVixen , iCatalyst [3] , JaimeSheep , Jersey-Dagmar , KaJess , AlizRedeem , PorcelainPoppies , MrEchoAngel [3] , kousagi , Lemons-hedgehog (possibly cancelling) , lionessJenna , luleh , moneychanchu , minuangel , Misty-T-H , mr-comissions , Msmeakochan , NakuruAngel , Pachipokegrrl , PanicTopaz , Puretails , rob990 , Ryunohito [2] , Sayab-uh [2] , Scarlet-Fog , Sekai-Okami , SamanthaSawyer , SesakaTH , XeroHaggard , SonicTheAwsome , Sonidowzero , Princessoftomatoes , SwiftThief , Taddle , Takara-Albina-Hedge , Terrichance, TheShowstopperLive , vum , WatchaTophat , wingedness

Still Possible future commissions (but have not decided yet)

MintyStitch [5] , Mafer [5] , tikal [2]

Those I already paid for and STILL waiting for completed works [48]

ash-the-mongoose , AiAmU (unless she decided to change account once again) , ARTic-Weather , AshHavynn , Blue-Eclipse , C-Squirrel , celestialenigma , Cescolin , Chochi-blue , Aidontknow , CrimsonDiva86 (left dA, but still in contact) , OneFreeInternet , EvilQueenie , Feniiku , FoxyPheonix , GaJa-BaT (since 2007) , Zemael , Hung-He-Bea , ImpishVermin , InpuUpUaut (idle) , Jet-Plasma (idle) , kageru-hinoryu , KiraFan (left dA, but in contact), kittykoolkatz , KK-the-Fox , KuaKness (left dA, but in contact) , Lilthe , Nightberry-Candy , Ninaiso , nyuchi , Pendulonium , RaveLegend , ArtByRiana , :devriptfecious: , Sahtori (since 2006), Sam-Echidna , sapphireluna , ShadowKirby22107 , Shannohn , Shide-Dy (since 2007) , solhuset , sowia , Wild-Baguette , Knight-Gawain (most likely end up cancelled) , TomatoBisque (idle) , venomous-cupcake , White-Nekojin , X-KeiKara-X , xxshrinerxx (idle) , xXMintXx (idle)

Defunct Commissions (paid for, but artist has never contacted and possible ended up running away with the money) [16]

:devairawave: [11 drawings] (banned)
Chime-Fawler [5 drawings] (was told will no longer able to do the commission AFTER payment)
cocochan [5 drawings] (left dA?)
DarkCatSoul [17 drawings](last contact: June 2008)
deity-of-destruction [4 drawings]
Deruku-Mitsukai [4 drawings] (left dA without leaving contact details)
GuidingChaos [9 drawings] (no internet?)
monthofjohn [11 drawings]
ktz-n [3 drawings] (left dA and leaving no contact details)
Lotus-Dragon [21 drawings]
Miyu-Choco-Brownies [10 drawings](banned)
PrettyandMe [44 drawings] (does anyone know this person's new contact details?)
SaiTeyaa [6 drawings] (last contact: July 2008, no contact since)
Scourge-Is-Awesome [17 drawings] (never contacted and now changed style)
ShadowRyghas [5 drawings] (Last contact: July 2008)
tienchou [12 drawings] (left dA)

(If your name is here,  and wish to continue the commission (or if there have been any confusion), let me know - this section explain why I cannot agree with artists' "Pay First" demands)

Full list of remainder shall come shortly - If you have sold commissions to me before, but your name is NOT there, please note me

Last update: 22 October 2009 (4th edit)</b>

01.Oct.2009 It's that time of the year again?BDay?

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 30, 2009, 9:44 PM

Do Not forget about my Team Devilkins Contest!

:star: TWO Personal Mangas to be won! Must end 02 November


Happy birthday me :slow:

Another year since 2008 has came and went.... well, I guess such is life - but, truth said - I'm still greatful of all the commissions and friends that I have got over the years - everytime I look at new fanarts drawn, it never ceases to bring a smile to my face even if I am feeling down - or just having a ordinary conversation with my friends, I just can't think that "there will be a better day out there"


Happy Birthday to Ruby by alisa006


Rubycored's Super Duper 2009 Contest!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 3, 2009, 11:26 PM
It's Back! And the prizes are even Bigger!

After the success of my past contests; (2007 - Ruby-Claine Contest and 2008 - Team Blue Army Contest) I have decided to keep up with the trend and host the personal 2009 - The Devilkins contest!

Those of you joined my contest before would very well know what's expected; so nothing has changed since then; Same rules, same expectations, same big prizes :D, this year the prizes is brought to you by Rubycored, tikal and alisa006

Top prize include 2 Digital Drawings and 2 Personal Mangas/Doujinshis made by tikal herself

If you want to know more; check out the contest journal here:…


06.Aug.2009 Paypal Blocked

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 6, 2009, 8:19 AM
This is to everyone that I currently Owe commission payment to

So I have been inactive for last two months...

While trying to get back in order and check up with commission from time to time; I come to the realisation that logging into your paypal account while you are on holidays 10,000 miles away would end up having your paypal account blocked because of "security reasons"

Because of that I will not be able to pay ANY subscriptions/premium accounts and/or any Paypal-payment commission until further notice

Those who have completed their commission before please let me know NOW so I can make sure I pay them up in time when my limitation gets listed.

Ones needing payment
Lil-Miss-Spicy - 3 months subscription


12 June 2009 Another Commission Rant

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 12, 2009, 2:00 AM
God, why must there always be problems with commissions every so often? :|

So people have been complaining why i make such complicated commission rules here. Well, my reply will be: for every "rule" there, there have been someone who managed to screw up the commission before from it

I am not blaming anyone for such "mistakes" I just want to make some things clear right now.

1> Not sending sketches to check details

This is nothing new - everyone draws my characters differently - therefore there will be near 100% chance of ambiguity among details of the characters. Over the years I have seen through people who draws one part of the character right, while getting some other places wrong, at the same time other people gets the wrongs right, and screws up what was right. This virtually makes a "single reference" sample impossible. So I have to send multiple samples; and give a list of details that should be correct (and some people still screw up)

This is why i encourage people to send sketch WIPs so we could inspect details and tell about anything that could be fixed/improved - I try accommodate artists' skill limitations in copying every details directly - but it does NOT imply you can just make some details as you wish (e.g. drawing a heart upside-down or in random positions)

Chances are - if you don't you'll end up screwing up some part of the detail, which I am trying to avoid since this "mistake spree" especially with my main characters: Neo Lucie, demon-Kayla and Ivy Arcata.

I am trying to get a full reference sheet of said character; but the problem is. The artist who are supposed to be working on them haven't been showing any contact - so those will be delayed until further notice.

2> When only 1 or 2 characters are given (out of more than 2)...

.. does NOT imply you are to draw the entire commission with JUST those 1 or 2 characters!

I have no idea some people who I tend to buy in 6s and 10s, the way I work with such commission I would send them my collection. Let them pick out their favourite character(s) and draw them for the commission. But end up drawing the ENTIRE commission using those characters :| (like, buying 6 drawings, picked Neo Lucie and demon-Kayla, ends up drawing 3 neo lucie and 3 demon-kaylas)

I will make it clear right now that I only buy ONE drawing of each character in a given commission (depending on idea, such as ones where multiple characters are involved). This means that when I buy more drawings that the amount of characters i gave / you picked. You are to just draw ONE each of the said characters, the REST will be decided later.

(If you decide to assume and draw entire commission using just 1 or 2 characters, from now on I will only accept all those combined as 1 or 2 commissions, respectively.)

3> Waiting for the "all clear"

When you send sketches to have details inspected/styles critiqued. PLEASE wait until I have explicitly given you the "all clear" to continue and finish the commission

I get 40+ notes a WEEK, and it is impossible given my log in time to check ALL of them at once. Therefore a lot of notes will sit there and not read for weeks. (If you want to see if I read your note: you can go to your sent notes</b>, if your note to me is still yellow - it means I have NOT read it.

This means; when I fail to reply to your note - DO NOT complete the drawing. I will eventually come and read what you have sent me and will comment on them accordingly.

4th rant will come shortly.


31 May 2009 Commission General Information

Journal Entry: Sun May 31, 2009, 4:49 AM
General Information
< Details correct as of 12 June 2009 >

Here you will find various informations regarding what I buy, how to contact me, price limits and current funds available.

There's a LOT of reading here; but it contains most of the questions that artists wants buyers answered when WE approach them.

Generally I prefer artists to approach me and offer me what they have on sale (if it's for a particular purpose (e.g. paying off another debt) let me know too; I like to help artists achieve their objectives if they're within my limits) and also list me best contact methods, this way I will only know that you are enthusiastic about the commission selling.

Rule of thumb states that if you're shy to approach buyers yourself - chances are, buyers themselves are equally shy to buy from you :D

Occasionally I may communicate via my alternative account: the-n00b; as I only check my main account once a week at most.

Rubycored/the-n00b - 12 June 2009

What I [don't] Buy

< What I Actively Purchase >
:pointr: Sonic Styled characters
:pointr: Anthro Styled characters
:pointr: Dragons (Cartoon and realistic) - [Subscriptions only, for Dragon-specialising artists only.]

< What I DON'T buy >
:pointr: Non-full-body poses (bust shot, waist-up etc, includes ones there feets are [un]intentionally cut off)
:pointr: Chibis
:pointr: Humans (anime and realistic)
:pointr: Realistic animals

For a more precise breakdown of what I buy in each category; it can be viewed here:…

Ways to contact
Here are possible methods of contact that you can use to get in touch me at any stage of the commission process.

:pointr: dA Notes [main account] - Infrequently checked; recommended only for commission start-off
:pointr: dA alternative account - the-n00b - Frequently checked - but still slower response time than IMs

<Instant Messengers>
:pointr: MSN Messenger - Frequently used (but due to large number of contacts; I may get confused between various artists)
:pointr: Skype - Frequently Used
:pointr: GoogleTALK - Frequently used (available only to GMail users)
:pointr: ICQ - Rarely used
:pointr: Yahoo! Messenger - Not used*
:pointr: AIMessenger - Not used

* - Apparently MSN users is able to communicate with Yahoo users. Although my own MSN does not seem to properly do so.

:pointr: e-Mails - Not recommended, use only to mail completed works and previews.

Due to decreased pocket money as well as increased number of artists wishing to sell me commissions. It is no longer possible to support every single one of them especially if the price gaps between artists are too great. (The greatest gap I have seen for similar style is 120 times (compare $0.50 for styles I have seen offered for $60.00))

Therefore; to be able to benefit the maximum number of artists through commissions. I have no choice but to impose upper limits on the price of some styles I am able to purchase, per drawing. They are NOT, however, the absolute price I am prepared to pay for that particular style.

For example, if my limits for a particular style states $14 (per drawing), it means I will accept prices/offers for that style from artists who sells at or below $14 (per drawing), but will refuse offers that are priced higher than $14.

Prices are given United states Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro and British Pound. For further exchange rate see bottom of the price.

< Current Limits as of 01 June 2009 - Full Body, 1~3 character(s), WITH backgrounds where available >

1) Digital Sketches - US$2.00 - C$2.00 - €1.50 - £1.25
2) Digital Linearts - US$4.00 - C$4.50 - €2.50 - £2.50
3) Digital Flat Colours - US$6.00 - C$6.50 - €4.00 - £3.75
4) Digital Cell Shading - US$10.00 - C$11.00 - €7.00 - £6.00 [includes Soft shade]
5) Digital Full Colour [w/o BG] - US$14.00 - C$15.00 - €10.00 - £8.50
6) Digital Full Colour [w/ BG] - US$17.50 - C$19.00 - €12.50 - £11.00

7) Traditional Sketches - US$3.00 - C$3.50 - €2.00 - £1.50
8) Traditional Linearts - not available
9) Traditional Flat Colours - US$8.00 - C$9.00 - €5.50 - £5.00 [Copic only]
A) Traditional Full Colour [w/o BG] - US$14.00 - C$15.00 - €10.00 - £8.50 [Copic only]
B) Traditional Full Colour [w/ BG] - US$24.00 - C$26.00 - €17.00 - £15.00 [Copic only - Rarely commissioned]

C) 3-Dimensional Models - US$29.00 - C$32.00 - €21.00 - £18.00 [Game Multiplayer Custom Models only]
D) Artisian Crafts - not available
E) Flash Animations - not available

1) and 7) - Cleaned Sketch only, messy sketch are taken at half the price
4) - Includes Soft shading and any Sonic-specialised Styles (S-Adventure, S-Channell etc etc)
9), A), B) - Price given are for Copic markers only - prices will change for other traditional means such as Prisma, Crayons, markers etc.
C) - For possible use in: Quake 3, Half life, Half life 2, Jedi Knight 2-Outcast and Jedi Knight 3 Academy.

< Further rates: £1.00 = >
¥170 Japan Yen, A$2.20 Australian dollars, N$2.75 New Zealand dollar, ¥13.00 China Ren Ming Bi, NT$55.00 Taiwan Dollar, R18,000 Indonesian Rupiahs, 80.00 Philippine Piso, 7.50 Argentine Pesos, 12.00 Norwegian Krone, 14.00 Swedish Krone, 55.00 Russian Roubles, 14.00 Ukrainian Hryvnia, 5,000 Belorussian Roubles.

Remember: I'm quantity over quality, your prices will ultimately dictate if I am buying zero or 10+ drawings!

Current Payment Statuses and Funds Available
< As of 01 June 2009 >

< Payment Plans >
dA Subscriptions :star: Permanently Open!
Cash (snailmail) :star-half: Open, see below
Paypal :star-half: Subscription only
Online Payments :star-empty: Closed

< Funds Available - for snailmail only >
US$ - $20
Can$ - C$45
€uro - €45
GB£ - £150
Taiwan $ - NT$6,500
Swed Kr - Kr 0

When these are gone they are gone - they will not be replaced.

Important Payment Policy Information
< Subscriptions >
:pointr: Subscriptions are generally paid only after the completion of the final commission drawing (due to large number, 1 in 3, of "defaulted" subscription commissions in the past 2 years).

:pointr: Subscription packages only comes in combinations of 1 and 3 months. If you would like 6 months or 1 year - you must do the 3 months commission twice and 4 times, respectively.

< Payment Policies >
:pointr: Cash/Paypal payments will [starting 12 March 2009], be identical to subscriptions: pay upon completion only - I do not work with deposits if payment through paypal is requested

:pointr: Under only circumstances of financial urgency that payments will be made upfront - Only with deposits of minimum ONE (or 25% of the commissioned quantity, whatever is greater) Sketch

:pointr: For commissions valued greater than US$100, a contract maybe requested and signed.

< Other information >
:star: DO NOT Upload my characters outside deviantART! - I want to keep my characters dA-only and anyone caught with my chars uploaded elsewhere (including personal websites and blogs) will be asked to remove them.

Last edit: 04 June 2009

If you want to make an offer feel free to tell me everything I should know about your commission - as well as answer this questionnaire as to I have ideas and information as to what you're [not] capable to draw.

1> Type of commission you selling - Subscription or Cash
Subscription - Please enquire about the subscription packages I give
Cash - please send me your price list :new: (also let me know if you have any pertain financial goal to set)

2> How would you like the commission to be paid? (Paypal, snailmail, choice of currency etc)

3> Have you read and understood all the conditions i set out here?

4> What style and type of artwork you're best at?
Style -> near-anthro? Sonic Classic/Modern? 4 or 2-legged Dragons (for dragon artists)? Other? (Sonic/Dragon artists only, if you're neither but is willing to give it a go, let me know too)
Type -> Cute? Evil? Fantasy? Sci-fi? Colourful? thematic? Humerous? Emotiional? Other?

4A* :new: > How would you rate yourself in terms of skills?
New -> For those who never attempted Sonic style before; and would like to learn more about it.
[Challenge] You will be given a number of characters for you to freely practice on through sketching, they will NOT be counted towards the final commission - even if only sketches were requested.

Beginner -> For beginner artists wishing to learn new styles. Or would like to learn/practice various things they are otherwise unfamiliar with.
[Challenge] You will be given easy characters to start with; but will grow in difficulty as you are encouraged to become more used to details

Intermediate -> For "average" artists. Those with good grasp of the style and is able to follow the reference fully. Able to draw full body poses without major anatomical problems. However may have problems interpreting minute details.
[Challenge] You will be given the "6 major%" characters, all of medium difficulty

Capable ->  As intermediate - but is able to draw multiple characters and/or more dynamic, interacting characters. Can do elaborate scenes and matching backgrounds.
[Challenge] You will be given similar characters, but in more dynamic ideas/poses

Detail Machoist -> Artists who thrive on minute details. Finds simple-designed characters to be too easy and boring. And may sometimes even subconsciously add details onto the original to make the character even more detailed.
[Challenge] You will be given highly-detailed characters (usually armoured)

Expert -> Artists who demands a good challenge, characters, ideas, scenery etc.
[Challenge] ANYTHING can be thrown at you

Conceptual -> Creative artists with never-ending imaginations ready to bring out something new.
[Challenge] Design various (usually armoured) characters or finalise designs and colour schemes for incomplete characters of my own.

All ->  [Budget permitting] Artists high on energy and wants to challenge as many characters/ideas as they can.
[Challenge] all characters of mine!

5> If your reply to 4A isn't "Conceptual". How good are you with character concept designs? [OR you'd rather go with established-references?]

6> What type of ideas you would be looking for? A single-character posing-with-attitude Idea? Multi-character General Scenes or More-dynamic scenes?  etc etc
I base my ideas on budget, therefore if undefined; I would go for single character with limited background. However, if you like to work with multi-char interaction ideas, or if you do not charge extra for backgrounds. This is where you can tell me

7> How many ideas would you like to work with in one go? The entire commission altogether or one drawing by one?
[I generally avoid giving too much ideas in one go out of caution to add stress to the artist; however if you're willing to work on multiple ideas in one go let me know]

8> (Sonic artists only) How do you generally draw characters wearing Tights and exposing their bare foot?</b>
Bare foots I generally accept flat (0 toes) OR anthro (3 toes), I unfortunately do not accept human styled (4 or 5 toes) foot

9 > Do you mail back the completed works? (For traditional artists AND digital artists who SKETCH traditionally)</b>


* - please give as detailed as you can; add in any that are not included in the list if you wish; so I can give you the fancharacters/ideas that best matches your best areas.

% - they are (usually, can change depending on ideas): Neo Lucie, demon-Kayla, Ivy, Zachary, Sherry, Scar

Why I prefer ASKED than ASKING commissions

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2009, 4:50 AM

So a lot of people have been asking me the question "Why do I want artists to ask me to sell commissions than me asking them?"

Well, before I answer the question; have a think in your mind about this question: "How would you react if you were asked by a buyer to draw commissions?" [Cash and/or Subscriptions]

You would be excited right? After all, someone is interested in buying YOUR artworks; whatever the quality maybe.

If you think this is common sense; then why is it that every time I approach someone who has publically stated they have open commissions to ask about their offers; I get replies like this [direct quotes]
    "Umm, yeah they [the commissions] are open... why?" "maybe" "so what?"

If you're one of them i don't blame you; but I myself I don't understand these people - when I receive replies like this I can't think of anything else than that the said person doesn't seem to be at all too bothered about it.

You see; I am not buying artworks just for the heck of it like some people out there. :| I want the artists to enjoy drawing my [fan]characters as much as I enjoy viewing the end product. And it has been always the case sine the start and applies to all buyers. So if you're not half-arsed about it; then neither are we.

This is pretty much why I tend to prefer people asking ME instead of the "usual" me asking THEM; because if you, as artist, are really interested in getting paid for your artworks there is no excuse for you NOT to approach active buyers to get the ball rolling.


16.Feb.2009 Congrats to one of my commish artist!

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 16, 2009, 12:43 AM
:buymyprints: I Hire Artists!!
Rubycored = the-n00b
(most major communications maybe done through my second account)

commission by Ambers79
[Last Edit - 02 March 2009]

Click here for all the information
Remember - I cannot buy from you without being told you're selling in the first place!!
If you're too shy to ask me, then I am equally shy to ask you!! :D

:fight::megaphone: PLEASE give me all the necessary information about your commission (samples, prices, payments, contacts etc) When you're sending me your commission details! Anyone who does NOT give me enough information may end up being NOT be considered at all


:megaphone: Dragon Commissions have been reopened! However only subscriptions are available at this time

Sonic OC/Fancharacters commissions are still open
(you may have a look at samples of my characters in a customs module box below the journal on my front page)

:new: Megaman Styled commission has opened too for limited amount of time
(only available to Megaman-specialising artists, excluding Battle Network, subscriptions only)

I am currently not commissioning any other styles at the moment! And that includes Humans and anime, and chibis!


:new: Due to reduced pocket money; i will impose a maximum price cap of
(including backgrounds)
U$4 (C$5.00/€3.00/£2.50) for Sketches
U$6 (C$7.50/€4.50/£4.00) for Linearts
U$10 (C$12.50/€7.50/£7.00) For Flat/Cell
U$14 (C$17.50/€11.00/£10.00) For full colour, No/low BG
U$29 (C$34.00/€23.00/£19.50) for fully colour shaded works

If you sell above these limits you will automatically be refused (unless you're willing to haggle the prices). I'm sorry for people who are in need of money; but I am no longer willing to spent $50+ on artists when i can easily get off other artist(s) for much more drawings, remember, i'm quantity over quality


:pointr: Current Status
:star: < As of February 2009 > :star:
dA Subscriptions: :star: Permanently Open
Cash Payments: :star: Open - Limited (€uro, US$, NT$, SEK)
Paypal Payments: :star-half: UK-Based Artists ONLY
Online Payments: :star-empty: Closed

Cash remaining:

€uro - €180
US$ - $40
Can$ - C$0
Taiwan New $ - $6,400
Sweden Krone - Kr 400

:star: When these are gone - they are GONE! They will NOT be replaced!


:star: Important Payment policy updates :star:

:bulletred: Subscriptions Commissions have always been and will only be paid after completion of FINAL</u> drawing. I currently do NOT do 12 months subscription; if you want a year you will have to do 3 months subscription 4 times.

:bulletred: Cash/Paypal Payments will be Pay upon completion - that is; I will only recognise commission debts when I physically see the completed artwork. If you're strictly "pay-first" artist and disagree with this rule then I'm sorry. I had too many problems in the past with people not working on the commission when they have been paid so I have to toughen up the payment from now on. Unless you can provide "proof" that you will complete the commission

DO NOT Upload my characters outside deviantART! - nuff said; I want to keep my characters dA-only and anyone caught with my chars uploaded elsewhere (including personal websites and blogs will be asked to remove them.

Explanations of each individual statuses can be found here.

Journal Journal [16 February 2009]


I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate OneFreeInternet on successively becoming a deviantART Gallery Director

The reason I am doing this because last year, when she was still rather new at this site she contacted me to start off her commission. I readily accepted despite her style (it was only a subscription commission)

However; it went on very well for her and she later got more customers than she never would've imagines

And now, she's a member of deviantART gallery moderation team helping out in the digital art community :clap:

She certainly came a long way since originally contacting me over a year ago.

I would show you some samples of her commissions she did for me; but they have all since been deleted :(

Congrats to OneFreeInternet again :heart: :heart:


This proves that simple things like one or two commissions can go a really long mile, I have seen many other artists who have later on became very successful dA-wide that I will always be proud of being able to buy off them.

:wow: Next "Kiriban"
<div class="newtext"; align="center">300,000

31.Jan.2009 I'm alive!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 31, 2009, 3:08 AM
:buymyprints: I Hire Artists!!
[Last Edit - 15 February 2009]

:megaphone: As of 15th February 2009 - I have closed dragon commissions! - special thanks to all who have sold dragon artworks to me over the time! :heart: (it may reopen sometime in future; keep tunes for updates! ;))
Sonic OC/Fancharacters commissions are still open

Remember - I cannot buy from you without being told you're selling in the first place!!
If you're too shy to ask me, then I am equally shy to ask you!! :D

:fight::megaphone: PLEASE give me all the necessary information about your commission (samples, prices, payments, contacts etc) When you're sending me your commission details! Anyone who does NOT give me enough information may end up being NOT be considered at all

:pointr: Current Status
:star: < As of February 2009 > :star:
dA Subscriptions: :star: Permanently Open
Cash Payments: :star: Open - Limited (€uro, Can$, US$)
Paypal Payments: :star-half: GB£ ONLY
Online Payments: :star-empty: Closed

Cash remaining:

€uro - €350
US$ - $120
Can$ - C$40

:star: When these are gone - they are GONE! They will NOT be replaced!


:star: Important Payment policy updates :star:

:bulletred: Subscriptions Commissions have always been and will only be paid after completion of FINAL</u> drawing. I currently do NOT do 12 months subscription; if you want a year you will have to do 3 months subscription 4 times.

:bulletred: Cash/Paypal Payments will be Pay upon completion - that is; I will only recognise commission debts when I physically see the completed artwork. If you're strictly "pay-first" artist and disagree with this rule then I'm sorry. I had too many problems in the past with people not working on the commission when they have been paid so I have to toughen up the payment from now on. Unless you can provide "proof" that you will complete the commission

If you find this unacceptable or if you're too strict with "payment first" policy; unless I have bought from you before then I'm sorry. I have made too many mistakes in the past "donating" to artists; and I don't want to make that mistake again.

Explanations of each individual statuses can be found here.

Journal Journal [31 January 2009]

So I was "dead" for 2 whole months since my last log in... well long story, holidays and exams :P; but i doubt anyone would be interested in details about it

Well; at least I should be back in action now; expect some new journals (commissions, fanarts etc) coming soon.

If you have any urgent information you'd like to let me know about commissions; please note my second account: the-n00b, I am nore online there

Time to eventually look into my inbox after so long :faint:

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28.Nov.2008 Broken MSN, Hiatus starting NOW

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 27, 2008, 3:20 PM
:buymyprints: I Hire Artists!!
[Last Edit - 28 November 2008] - ** IMPORTANT ** Please see below and the journal for Payment arrangements during christmas!

Remember - I cannot buy from you without being told you're selling in the first place!!
If you're too shy to ask me, then I am equally shy to ask you!! :D

:fight::megaphone: PLEASE give me all the necessary information about your commission (samples, prices, payments, contacts etc) When you're sending me your commission details! Anyone who does NOT give me enough information may end up being NOT be considered at all

:pointr: Current Status
:star: < Starting 5 December 2008 > :star:
dA Subscriptions: :star: Permanently Open
Cash Payments: :star-half: Very Limited 1 (until 9 January 2009 only)
Paypal Payments: :star-empty: Closed 2 (see below)
Online Payments: :star-empty: Closed
Double Commission: :star-empty: Closed

1 - during that time only New Taiwan $ payments will be available to Taiwanese Artists. Other Major Currencies (GB£, Can$, €uro, US$) will resume on 16 January 2008 for people who sold commission prior to December, 19 February 2009 for those who sold during and after December

2 - Last date to request paypal payments is STRICTLY Saturday 6th December 2008; after that NO paypal will be possible before 16 January 2008 for people who sold commission prior to December, 19 February 2009 for those who sold during and after December

3 - if you have any important updates you have to tell me; please see journal below for possible methods of finding me.


Explanations of each individual statuses can be found here.

Journal Journal [28 Nov 2008]

Well; some people have been complaining that I haven't been on my main account for a long time.

Blame it on university work; I have to write up 2 reports and 2 presentations and gather up study materials before I leave for christmas (we have exams right AFTER Christmas holidays; intriguing doesn't it?). So I haven't been really wanted to get caught up with commission discussions when I should be studying for my degree (not that I wanted it :hmm:)

Other thing is that my MSN has now refused to respond properly; it either fails to start or my messages fails to get through :hmm:. Well; at least without MSN I wouldn't get distracted as much as Skype and GoogleTALK :P. So apologies to anyone who have tried to find me up there but just never managed to catch me during the very brief moment when my MSN does decide to work :faint:. But at least my Skype and Googletalk still works perfectly; so if you have either of those you can try find me there.

If you want my Skype details, feel free to ask for me; but you MUST identify yourself</b> when you're adding me to your skype (such as "this is Rubycored from dA") or else you'll get blocked.

Also; I'll be leaving to travel to my homeland Taiwan on 7th December :dance:, haven't been home for 11 years now, will be uniting with some of my family who I haven't met for as long too! :excited:. Everyday passes by I get more homesick :ohnoes:. and when I do arrive though I will be expecting to be looking around my homedown completely like an out-of-world stranger eventhough I lived there for many years before moving to Ireland and UK :P (So no moaning about me not knowing anything about the place when we meet up, tikal and alisa006! :shakefist:) time sure change everything huh?

No word about internet connection back home though; but I expect that even if I do; I would be so laden with family gatherings, travelling, devMEETing and studies that I would have very reduced amount of free time to use it (expect to see me online on Skype and googleTALK though.)

This leads to that if you have any important commission related information/updates you just had to tell me; you're better off either:
  • 1) Find/Add me on Skype/GoogleTALK
  • 2) email me at rubycored (at)
  • 3) note my second account, the-n00b. I tend to lurk there from time to time so i MAY be able to respond there better than here.

There's one major commission update too I must get through before I leave for christmas is that there will be NO Gaurenteed Commission Payments after 6th December 2008, for 1.5 months until 16 January 2009!

So if you want your commission paid before I leave. Please contact me NOW! Or you will just have to wait :aww:

:bulletred: I will NOT accept any responsibility for failing to pay my commission when I stated very clearly that I am unable to pay them until then!

:bulletblue: I will still accept new commissions; however payments for those will not be guarenteed before 19 February 2009

:star: This does NOT</b> affect Subscriptions, they will still continue throughout christmas as usual.

So, eventhough I'm more than a month early but Merry Christmas and Happy New years everyone :wave:

Until then! :blowkiss:

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:+fav: New Fanarts

:bulletred: [27 November ~ 25 December 2008] :bulletred:

WARNING: These pics are not meant to be used as references for my request/commissions! Please note me if you require references for my fancharacters! [unless otherwise stated]


[Neo Lucie Valerian - Bird Hedgehog]

By: PixelRaccoon [19 December 2008 - Request]


[Valkyrie Neo Lucie (Version 2)]

By: Shabutaro [15 December 2008 - Commission (#3)]


[Aqua Neo Lucie]

By: Ebbiegirl95 [15 December 2008 - Commission (#5)]

plant lucie sketch by kageru-hinoryu

[Plant Neo Lucie - Concept Sketch]

By: :devhageru-hinoryu: [10 December 2008 - Commission (#15 - WIP)]

Falling angels- for Rubycored by KarmaKode

[demon-Kayla Nacaren and Neo Lucie Valerian]

By: KarmaKode [10 December 2008 - Gift]

Commission - Dougarn by kageru-hinoryu

[Dougarn - Ghost-Knight (kageru-hinoryu's)]

By: kageru-hinoryu [07 December 2008 - Commission (#14)]

["Scar" Nacaren - Hedgehog]

By: MintyStitch [06 December 2008 - Commission (#6)]

[Coko + Wing (both Wild-Baguette's), for Wild-Baguette's birthday]

By: NegaNeon [04 December 2008 - Commission (#2)]

+Comission+ Skyth by zetina

[Skyth - Aquatic Dragon]

By: zetina [30 November 2008 - Commission (#3)]

+Comission+ Biodragon by zetina


By: zetina [30 November 2008 - Commission (#2)]

+Comission+ Opal by zetina

[Opal (kittytheAngel's)]

By: zetina [30 November 2008 - Commission (#1)]

[Neo Lucie Valerian - Bird-Winged Hedgehog]

By: Nightsi [28 November 2008 - Request]


[Neo Lucie Valerian - Bird-Winged Hedgehog]

By: amy0 [27 November 2008 - Request]

Thank you for your lovely pics :heart:

Don't forget to browse my favourites as well

Note: If you don't see your artwork here (because it's submitted before the last deviation featured?) then there's a possibility that it'll be here instead. If it's not there either then I must've missed it [please let me know if that's the case.]